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Victoria Vandenberg running a Bona Fide Craft Workshop

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Our Mission:

Bona Fide Craft takes pride in fusing what we do with why we do it – in all aspects of operations from the design process to establishing genuine client relationships. Bona Fide Craft delivers premium and authentic design through hand-calligraphed and digital typographic mediums. Our vision is to inspire authentic human interactions through the melodic use of typography in print, digital and built spaces.

We believe in intricate craftsmanship, creativity, design thinking, empowerment, and the redefining of chivalry in modern society for self-fulfillment of both our clients and our employees.  We believe in operating within the triple bottom line and keeping the client, the audience, and the world at the core of our operating practices.

Bona Fide Crafts mission is to be the worlds most diverse, sustainable, and authentic typography design studio.


Bona Fide Craft was founded through explorative design and an expressive medium to add authenticity to design and people’s quotidian lives through one of the mediums they interact with most: letters. We believe there is more to design and interaction than replicability and templates. Bona Fide Craft believes in the power of the little things.